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As Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts we frequently see organisations with data integrity issues and inconsistencies in relation to their addresses. As a result this often leads to….

  • sales people heading to the wrong address when visiting clients
  • marketing departments spending days fixing addressing issues when sending out direct mail campaigns or sending out mail with the wrong address for the post offices to send back
  • bills being sent to the wrong address
  • administration staff spending days entering postal addresses for new contacts and accounts that often end up incorrect or only half the information required it filled out

So Business Mechanix developed what we like to call the “postcode finder” which is a great add on for your current Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

This add-on allows users to enter in the street type or PO BOX/ Private Bag Number then the number. A dialogue box automatically appears giving the user address options. They pick the one that is correct then the postcode finder works its magic and automatically populates the street, lobby name, City, Post code, Greater Region and Country, all the mundane work is effectively done for you!

The great thing about our postcode finder is the information populated is extremely accurate because we have integrated the Post Address Finder directly from New Zealand Post and every three months we receive an updated version and we provide these updates to our users which ensures data stays up to date.

Our Experience

Business Mechanix have implemented our postcode finder solution into a number of organisations including DesignerTech and the Te Whare Wānaga o Awanuiārangi.

At Business Mechanix we use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on a daily basis and we have a number of heavy users who rely on the consistency on the address for billing, marketing and sales people who head out and visit our customers. As a result of implementing the postcode finder into our CRM it has dramatically increased business efficiencies as we no long have to go onto the New Zealand Post website looking for the postcode, our data as become a lot more reliable and it all has consistent formatting which our Marketing Department loves!

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix have been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a number of years, in fact our work with the product has seen us recognised by some of Microsoft most elite. We have passion Microsoft Dynamics CRM and because of this our range of services we offer is incredibly vast we can implement it, integrate it, customise it and develop fully fledged systems on top of it. We use it so heavily internally and because of this we are able to see where we can improve business efficiencies and in-turn develop applications to improve it.

Business Mechanix Services

  • Implemented the postcode finder
  • Update the postcode finder quarterly
  • Data de-duping and cleansing
  • Design and develop Add-on to improve efficiencies
  • Consulting in CRM
  • Installation and configuration of CRM
  • Design and Development of CRM systems
  • Upgrades on premise or on premise to the cloud
  • Project Management
  • Low-high level Training for staff