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Sick of being inundated with changing passwords from users and students? We know some businesses and educational institutes are spending hours a day resetting passwords for staff or students who have simply forgotten their password. The Business Mechanix team have designed and delivered a solution which enables users to simply reset their own password and they can do it from any location on any internet enabled device. All the user has to do is go onto a designated site such as their website and click the “forgot my password” link. They then are prompted to enter verification credentials and a code would be sent to their registered mobile or email to reset their password, it’s as simple as that!

Our Experience

Business Mechanix have implemented a password changing portal at one of New Zealand’s largest polytechnics Whitireia New Zealand. Whitireia’s administration staff were spending hours a day simply resetting passwords for students and staff, they were getting hundreds of reset password enquires on the weekly basis. After implementing the password changing portal in 2012 students and staff are now able to reset their password themselves, instantaneously. They no longer have to worry about how long it would take for the administration staff to reset their password and they can do it from their mobile device. Whitireia’s password related enquires have dropped by over 50% which has created better efficiencies within the administration team and they just love it! Plus, by creating better administration efficiencies it has paid for the entire project in less than a year.

Business Mechanix has over 10 years’ experience in the educational and corporate sector. We know how to ensure technology solutions are implemented to suit your business needs. We work with all levels of staff from Administration to CEO’s to ensure solutions such as the Password changing portal work well in all levels. We have the experience to implement both large and small scale password changing solutions, Whitireia had over 18,000 staff and students which their password changing portal services.

The benefits of the password changing portal

The beauty of this solution is,

  • It is quick and easy to use as it only has 5 steps
  1. Going onto the home page and clicking forgot my password once you have received the code either via text message or email, click I already have a code.
  2. Enter in credentials including user name and date of birth
  3. Ask how you want the code sent text or email
  4. Enter in code
  5. Enter and re-enter new password and your done
  • It has the flexibility for businesses to determine complexity requirements for the password. For example passwords must be at least 6 characters in length, cannot use the same password as previous passwords, cannot contain the users name and must contain a uppercase letter (A,B,C), lowercase letter (a,b,c) , a number (1,2,3) and a special character (!@#).
  • It has the flexibility for businesses to determine complexity requirements for verification credentials. For example full name, employee/student number, date of birth, address.
  • The verification code lasts for 24 hours. Meaning if users are rushed or the verification code is delayed they are able to reset their password up to 24 hours after.
  • Users are able to change their passwords 24/7 from any location or device that has internet access

What people have to say about Business Mechanix

“Password changes for staff and students were causing a massive drain on our IT helpdesk resources. It has reduced the number of password related enquiries our helpdesk has received by over 50% since implementation & the cost savings attributed to the portal have more than paid for it.” James Pene, Senior IT Systems Engineer - Whitireia 

Our Services

  • Implement a password changing portal
  • Customise the portal
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Design and deliver a password changing portal
  • Provide training and support for users
  • Provide support and maintain for IT staff