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Technology continues to evolve and change dramatically as the pace of innovation increases. One of the most rapidly growing areas of innovation is that of the Natural User Interface or computers for humans. These new technologies enable humans to interact with their devices using natural methods such as touch, voice and gesture and cover everything from the iPad to Siri to Google Now to Microsoft’s Kinect sensor. 

Use of the Natural User Interface has exploded in the consumer sector over the past few years and are now beginning to make their way into the enterprise via BYOD. The challenge for the modern organisation regarding Natural User Interfaces is how to integrate this with existing ICT platforms. 

Our Experience

Business Mechanix are experts at working with the Natural User Interface by either developing applications that are driven via touch, voice or gesture, or by integrating traditional computing systems with Natural User Interfaces.  For example Business Mechanix are one of the few technology partners globally to develop for Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows Sensor which enables users to drive PC applications via gesture and voice. We have developed it under its own brand called ASLO (Advanced Simulated Learning Objects) and under this ASLO brand we have developed a number of applications, some are fully featured modules which uses the full range of Kinect for Windows technology like Voice and Gesture (Skeletal Tracking). Our other range of ALSO applications are called desk buddies which are cute little Apps designed specifically for people sitting at their desks. These range from Postural Analysis to Dual Screen Focus with more in the pipeline. Business Mechanix also develops applications for tablets and smartphones making use of the natural touch interface. 

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix have been in operation for over 13 years and are always finding ways to be innovative and use new technologies to improve organisation efficiencies. We have clever developers that are always pushing boundaries and often see’s us right at the limits of new technologies. Often the solutions we provide put our customers at the forefront of their industry/organisation and even for the country.

Business Mechanix Services:

  • Application Development for Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows Sensor to drive applications via voice an gesture
  • Integration of existing applications with Natural User Interface
  • Development of applications for touch based tablet and smartphone devices