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Business Mechanix have developed a new range of desk buddy applications under the ASLO (Advanced Simulated Learning Objects) brand. The desk buddy applications are cute little apps designed especially for people sitting at their desks. One of the applications we have developed is call the Postural Analysis. Many people are unaware that they have bad posture. Incorrect posture whilst sitting at your desk for long periods of time can cause fatigue, headaches, eye strain and muscle tension. This new application accurately assesses your seated posture whilst sitting at your desk. 

First it calibrates you siting at your best posture and uses skeletal tracking to monitor how you are matching up to your best posture. You also have the ability to set how often you wanted to be reminded and also the ability to be reminded to take breaks. 

It sits in the background of your computer and is constantly monitoring your seated posture. When you start to slump in your chair our move out of good posture position it will advise you. 

Our Experience

This is a brand new product to market and Business Mechanix have been in talks with a number or companies to get this installed into their office works machines. All you need is a Kinect for Windows device, a computer screen and the application!

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix are fantastic application developers and are consistently seen as in innovators in technology. We really push the boundaries and get noticed by a range of global companies. With regards to our Kinect development work we have spoken directly to the Kinect developers at Microsoft and been acknowledged as one of the leading companies in the fields of Kinect applications. Business Mechanix love creating applications that enhance and improve business efficiencies and make your life easier! So come talk to us today if you want us to develop a Kinect application for your business!  

Our Services

  • Customise the postural analysis application
  • Customise the application to include things like company logos
  • Train users on how to use the application
  • Design and Develop Kinect for Windows applications
  • Install the applications
  • Sell Kinect for Windows devices