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These days it’s simply a risk to your organisation and often a costly exercise to have employees holding so much power because they have so much knowledge about the Intellectual property of your business in their heads that isn’t being passed on to other employees, this can hinder business process and performance dramatically. In addition, time can be wasted with the same questions being asked of them by other staff over and over again, when staff could be using a self-service method if they had the ability to go to a centralised knowledge base.

These types of issues could be impacting performance or understanding because other staff are looking for answers and find difficult to find and instead spend hours researching or re-inventing the wheel. Why spend hours understanding and learning how to do a task that can simply be documented from the first time you did it, uploaded to a Knowledge Base and made available for all employees or even customers to read.

Business Mechanix know this as we run our very own comprehensive knowledge base.  A place where we store ‘how to’ information which is accessible to all staff, and if we chose to, also make it available to our customers via our web portal.  Business Mechanix has written our own Knowledge Base (KB) Article add-on to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We built from ground up a new Knowledge Base Article feature (we call it KBArticles) which included the ability to attach files to enable consistent formatting and branding throughout each document, as you can upload the file straight from Microsoft Word. You are also able to see how many people have viewed the article and when it was created.

The ability to document these policy and procedures has been a tremendous lifesaver for us at Business Mechanix. We have customised it to suit or needs and requirements and can offer you unique customisation to meet you requirements! 

Our Experience 

After Mediaworks saw what Business Mechanix had done for themselves, they wanted it straight away.  Business Mechanix set about implementing the home grown add-on to Microsoft CRM in the Mediaworks environment and its been used ever since.  Now in use in over 140 Radio Stations, some KBArticles have had hundreds of reads.  The staff know where to go to find answers to commonly asked questions and the Engineering team no longer have to keep emailing information out or repeating the same process and instructions for the same thing over and over again.  The ability to run a simple search and simply click a link to open documents or KB Articles or even videos has proven to be a winner at Mediaworks.

The Business Mechanix team also just ‘know’ where to go to find things.  They are also in the habit now of simply posting their own knowledge sharing information there too- building the strength of the whole team.

About Business Mechanix 

Business Mechanix believe knowledge should be shared, and knowledge is power.  We know harnessing the collective knowledge of our team in one place has made a difference to us and without a doubt to Mediaworks….talk to us today about what you are trying to achieve and provide you a demo of our own Knowledge base in action. 

Business Mechanix Services

  • Knowledge base implementation
  • Knowledge base customisation
  • Knowledge base integration with websites or helpdesk/ service desk systems
  • Training
  • Project Management