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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a fantastic tool for storing important information about your suspects, prospects, customers, staff, competitors and partner’s information. Marketing and sales departments who use Microsoft Dynamics CRM relying heavily on accurate data from CRM contacts including job titles. Business Mechanix are proven Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts we know that all too often job titles are incorrectly entered. As a result for the sales and marketing department it can lead to embarrassment when sending out marketing or sales information with the incorrect spelling of job titles especially to senior executives. Administration users or users who enter information also know that entering in Job Titles manually can be very time consuming and often errors like spelling errors appear frequently.

So Business Mechanix developed what we like to call the “Job Title Formatter” which is a great add on for your current Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

How it works, is when the user begins toying in a job title a dialogue box automatically appears directly below. They then choose and click the right job title and the Job Title Formatter automatically fills out the rest of the job title for you. If right job title is not there the user just types it out in full and the Job Title Formatter is clever enough to know for next time. So effectively you type it once and next type you need that job title it will appear. Imagine the time it will save you!

Our Experience

Here at Business Mechanix we are very heavy users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and implemented the Job Title Formatter internally. We realised there was a huge requirement for it when our sales and marketing team was getting frustrated with the inconsistencies and errors in job title field. As a result we have minimised spelling errors, the consistency of our job title data is 100% better and it has improved efficiencies. Coupled with our Postcode Finder, Google Address Finder and Phone Number Formatter entering information into our CRM has become and breeze! You should come and see it in action sometime.

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix have gained a great reputation over the years for being the go to guys for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in fact our work with the CRM has seen us nominated for numerous awards and even case studied on by Microsoft. We have implemented it, integrated it, customised it and developed fully fledged systems on top of it. We are avid users of CRM and are constantly finding ways to improve the product using our clever add ons. When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics we truly eat our own dog food and know it can improve business efficiencies (if used correctly) in almost any organisation. Because we know the product inside and out we can even develop and customise your very own Microsoft Dynamics CRM add on.

Business Mechanix Services

  • Implement the Job Title Formatter
  • Data de-duping and cleansing
  • Design and develop Add-on to improve efficiencies
  • Consulting in CRM
  • Installation and configuration of CRM
  • Design and Development of CRM systems
  • Upgrades on premise or on premise to the cloud
  • Project Management
  • Low-high level Training for staff