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Green IT should be in the back of everyone’s minds. The question you should be asking yourself is how can I make my organisation more sustainable which in turn will save you money! Business Mechanix are a team of clever business and technology consultants who have been making businesses more sustainable and as a result saving the organisations thousands of dollars by implementing clever new ways of doing things with technologies. 

We believe there are three simple green IT strategies that if implemented will change your organisation for the better theses are

1.       Cloud Computing

By moving physical services onto the cloud it means

  • Less Assets cost less to maintain
  • Less Energy Companies Costs
  • Less Insurance/ Risk on a major asset.
  • More productivity- people more likely to work from home.
  • IT have more time to be value-add 

2.       Bring your own Device (BYOD)

A concept where people use personally owned devices which are not owned by their employer. 

  • majority of staff carry both work and personal phones
  • organisations are spending thousands of dollars a year on new smart phones and maintenance, when majority of our team already had one for personal use
  • Data and calling charges are through the roof and we felt the telecommunications companies were robbing you in broad day light through your business plan
  • Majority of time our staff aren’t even coming close to using all the data and/or calling time
  • If you go over your usage the add-on charges were astronomical
  • Most staff want the choice of their own device 

3.       Technology Energy Conservation 

  • It costs approx. $150 per year to power a desktop PC , moderate usage.
  • It costs approx. 10% in energy cost to run a laptop compared to a desktop.
  • Only 40% of a typical datacentres facility’s power actually powers the IT equipment while approximately 30% will be responsible for cooling and the remaining 30% will be lost from associated power distribution 

Our Experience

Business Mechanix implemented a BYOD solution at Wintec and as a result reduced capex spend by over $600K, plus on-going maintenance & energy savings was astronomical. It also streamlined procurement process and we found the staff were happier because they got to choose a device they wanted. 

At Business Mechanix from July 1 2013 we decided to go BYODwhat’s the point of our staff carrying around two phones when Business Mechanix are paying for one and our staff are paying for one. We have now combined the two and know we can save money plus our team reap the benefits of more data and more calling time on their phone as a result a happy team all around! 

Our cloud experience both internally and externally is impressive to say the least. We are the largest Microsoft cloud deployers in New Zealand. Our Alumni Portal and Mobile Relationship Management solutions built for Wintec are in the cloud. We recently migrated the New Zealand School of Education from their on-premise exchange server to Office 365.

Internally we moved 12 of our internal servers up on Amazon for example we moved all our mail boxes from our on premise exchange server to Office 365 and we have virtualised a lot of the other.

Due to moving 12 server up into the cloud we have made significant power cost saving as we are not running power through to the server, our air conditioning cost has reduced and we have more spaces in our server room!

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix have been providing green it related strategies for a number of years. As a result we have saved companies thousands of dollars and significantly reduced the carbon foot within New Zealand. Our strong relationship ties with overseas companies from the likes of Microsoft allows us to see how the big guys are trying to reduce their carbon foot print. Business Mechanix will continuity to work on moving more of our server up into the cloud, find new ways to minimise power consumption as well as new BYOD solutions and we hope you do the same!

Our Services:

  • Clever IT Equipment configuration so support energy usage on existing equipment.
  • Utilisation of international services
  • Determine feasibility of costs of in-house vs outsource
  • Design a BYOD and cloud Strategy
  • Security Design & Implementation
  • Support with Licensing Models
  • Vendor contracts & negotiations
  • Staff contracts & HR process
  • Formulation of policy & procedures for new staff process