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Working in the tertiary sector for more than 10 years has allowed us to see first-hand, areas that need improving within institutes, one of the major areas is Enquiry Management. We know that most executives are unaware of just how many opportunities are falling through the gaps. Most institutes have enquires that get delayed responses or no responses at all. There is also a major issue with not being able to track where an enquiry has come from in order to measure results from marketing campaigns. There is the inability to create generic letters and have them stored against the contact so the institute is able to get a holistic view. Another issue is the information is so fragmented throughout departments, there is so much data, but no centralised place to store it all. Due to these issues most institutes are currently unable to get a true prospective as to where each prospective student is at in the sales process so Business Mechanix decided to develop an Enquiries Management System that works better than current solutions and can integrate with any current system management system.

Our Experience

Business Mechanix implemented the enquiry management system into one of New Zealand’s largest PTE’s, New Zealand Management Academies (NZMA). We worked side by side with the team from start to finish and achieved fantastic results. In one semester, they increased numbers so drastically that were able to pay for the whole project in one intake. NZMA are now able to get a true picture of where an enquiry is at any given time. They are able to ensure all enquiries are responded to in a timely manner they now have all governmental information required and stored in one centralized location. They are able to bulk text out which made a huge difference to their follow ups and conversion rates.

One of the main features of the enquiry management system is the ability to bulk text out to prospect and current Students. NZMA have utilized this feature and now use it to do follows ups. What it enables them to do is keep in contact with their students. At NZMA they knew their students had enrolled a month before a programme but could easily fall away, if they didn’t keep in contact with them. Having texting enabled NZMA to have a countdown for their students for their start date. On the day they would get another text saying they have made it. As a result it created efficiencies as they didn’t have someone manually calling students trying to get hold of them. “The feedback we got from our pre-students was great it was just that reminder and it showed we cared”. Marjorie Ramsay, Former Student Services Manager – New Zealand Management Academies.

The Features of the Enquiry Management Solution

The Business Mechanix Enquiry Management Solution sits on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and encompasses everything tertiaries will ever need to manage the whole enquires process.

  • It easily integrates with any student management system to make hand off from application easy
  • It holds every bit of information you will ever need to know about an enquiry
  • It has the flexibility to easily change as more information is needed
  • The familiar windows layout makes it easy for all staff to use, even if unfamiliar with the windows layout it is still easy enough for users to navigate through

Another main feature is the ability to do reporting. Because you are able to track all enquires all the way through to enrolment it allows staff to give up to date accurate reports. They are able to see and report where enquires are at any given time. The enquiry management system also allows you to convert enquires to applications and convert applications to enrolments. This process works seamlessly as it integrates with student management systems.

 The Business Mechanix Enquiry Management system can store 10’s of thousands of contact information including……

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Address
  • Next of kin details
  • Employment and occupation information
  • A complete history of education history
  • Any disabilities
  • Verified documents
  • IRD numbers
  • Information from the student management system

 Another feature is the ability to see if more information needs to be sent and can also generate generic letters for such items as enquiry acknowledgement, interview times, application received, making it more efficient for administration staff. It also gives visibility between departments so anyone can see what’s going on at any time and it centralizes information so you can get a holistic picture of where your institute is at with enquires at any given time.

 This solution allows you to run it on premise or in the cloud. Business Mechanix are a company you can trust, we have worked with over 85% of the Universities, Wananga’s and Polytechnics as well as other PTE’s in New Zealand. We have a deep understanding and passion for the tertiary sector and sit on international education advisory panels. We have been nominated and won numerous awards for our work in the tertiary sector, and continue to help the sector grow and sector. 

Business Mechanix Services

  • Implement your enquiry management solution
  • Design and customise the current system to meet your needs and requirements
  • Train and support users and staff
  • Integrate with other systems such as Artena/Arion/Tribal
  • Project manage the solution from start to finish
  • Work with executives on strategy sessions around change management
  • Map your business processes