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Electronic document management and records management became a hot topic in the public sector organisations when the Government passed the Public Records Act in 2005.  Unsurprisingly the librarians and records managers have led the charge in gaining control over the vast amounts of electronic information that had not been properly catalogued, retained and disposed.  A large amount of business is now done electronically through email and online services which contain contractual obligations for organisations.  These must be managed and Archives New Zealand has the responsibility for enforcing the Public Records Act (PRA).

In every organisation, users simply want to an easier way to store, find and retrieve information.  Implementing an electronic documents management system does not always provide this.  These systems are complex and if incorrectly implemented have long term adverse effects.  Worse still, once you’ve gone down a path with a document management system, it is often prohibitively difficult to extract yourself out of it.  Part of the planning going in must be a path out.

Business Mechanix has a practical approach to document management that is based on some key principles:

  • Keep it easy to use and it will be used
  • Ensure the users benefit from using it
  • Know why you are keeping what you keep
  • Know what you don’t have and make sure you get it

The simple approach is often the most successful, complex hard to use systems will be worked around.  A good document management system will make things easier to find and often just knowing something exists save people time and companies money.  It is not necessary to keep and catalogue everything, you need to identify what you must keep, what you should keep and what you shouldn’t keep.  This is fundamental to the success of the document management solution, if you keep terabytes of information that is not necessary, finding what you need is slower and often hidden deep within the junk in your search results. Storing and cataloguing everything you have does not always translate to having everything you should.  Often the biggest challenge for an organisation is to take a different perspective.  Understanding what documentation is required for your business and ensuring you are keeping it in your document management system should be your starting point, you need to understand and set KPIs that are reported regularly and escalated when documents that are expected to be filed, are not yet submitted into your document management system.  This is fundamental for a successful document management system.

Our Experience

With extensive background in large organisations, Business Mechanix has advised many organisations on document management.  From discussions with Archives New Zealand to determine the underlying goals from the Act to creating a Document Management strategy for Wintec, and implementing SharePoint document management in organisations from Early Childhood Education Centres to Polytechnics to Wānanga.

 About Us

Our range of experience and desire to help our customers move forward with innovative business process change, fantastic web services integration and technology based solutions, make Business Mechanix are a great choice for you next project.  We understand how people work and how to make systems that help them to achieve.  We love getting our hands dirty with the sometimes daunting older technologies we find, we may even surprise you to leverage more out of what you have existing through integration and clever mobile and front end web technology, or if you’ve simply had enough, we can replace or supplement your systems for you… talk to us today about what you are trying to achieve and we’d be happy to help.

Business Mechanix Services:

  • Document Management design and architecture planning
  • Document Management strategies
  • Document Management with Cloud Services
  • SharePoint document management implementations