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Content Management System (CMS) Websites are being see as a vital need within growing and changing organisations. With the dynamics changes to technology and our environment information constantly needs updating on a regular basis. Most businesses now have websites but often updating them can be a long a slow process. With the advancement in technology, organisations are now able to get their websites built as a Content Management System Website, which makes it fast and simple for people to update, manage and add content, they no longer have to have IT development skills. As CMS experts with years of experience Business Mechanix have seen it all, we have seen marketing professionals write the content then hand it off to it IT departments who get stuck with critical or urgent changes and are unable to update the content quick enough. That’s when Business Mechanix decided enough was enough, we needed to enable marketing professionals and the like to update their websites easily without jumping through hoops.

Our Experience

Business Mechanix have truly delivered exceptional work in the content management space. Let us begin with the Wintec Alumni Portal which is a CRM portal based out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This means our clever developer made it look and feel great and administrators where able to edit update and manage the data front the front of the portal or the back. The great thing about this solution is editors are able to see the changes made instantaneously. This solution saw Business Mechanix nominated for a global award from Microsoft.

Our next gem was our CMS website built for Northtec who wanted to improve the effectiveness and manageability of its Web site as most of its information was in the form of PDF documents. It wasn’t interactive, engaging, or user-friendly. Their current site was also difficult to update. The marketing department managed the site, but the IT department was in charge of content updates. Because NorthTec was already using Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007, Business Mechanix decided to use that product to build an external Web site with content management capability. As a result NorthTec now uses the Business Mechanix developed Web site which have proved to be easy to manage and provide useful access to a wealth of information and to help achieve the institution’s marketing objectives.

Business Mechanix have also built CMS systems that are used by Coca-Cola, and delivered a CMS Solution that again sat on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi.

And the website you are looking at right now is also a CMS website, yes Business Mechanix also needed a way to better manage our content and make it more atheistically pleasing to our customer’s eye. Our website sits on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and our marketing department love it. It’s easy to use and it updates instantaneously, we eat our own dog food when it comes to CMS websites.

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix love to deliver solutions and systems that make your job easier and put a smile on your face! We have been in operation for over 13 years which has seen us nominated for awards and case studied on by global companies numerous times. We have the experience and the understanding to deliver you CMS websites that are user friendly and look great.

Business Mechanix Services

  • Training on updating, adding and managing content
  • Graphically design the website
  • Provide resource to enter in all the content initially
  • Project manage the website
  • Implement a CMS website using SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, our very of system or other solutions