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Dynamics CRM is typically a multi-departmental tool for capturing and displaying business information related to organisations, people, communications and a variety of other areas of business. CRM is accessible by users in a variety of roles and used for a range of functions. Finance systems are typically highly locked-down with restricted access and little integration across departments. One of the strengths of Dynamics CRM is its ability to provide a friendly front-face to a selection of identified financial information for safe use throughout the organisation. This cross-departmental secure distribution of limited financial information empowers non-financial staff to measure and consider financial factors previously unavailable to them when making decisions. An example of this may be whether to make a sale to a client with a history of late payment. 

Our Experience:

An example of the integration of Dynamics CRM and Financial systems can be found at Wintec. Wintec did not have a reliable method of capturing, measuring or storing contractual information electronically. Their financial system did not allow for this function. Contract information is often required by non-financial staff and needed to be controllable but accessible. Having already implemented Dynamics CRM several years earlier Business Mechanix provided the option to extend the existing CRM system to allow users with permission to upload and access contracts related to an organisation. 

About Business Mechanix:

Business Mechanix has been working with Dynamics CRM for over ten years and has a real-life understanding of the complexities and difficulties facing New Zealand businesses today. The integration of an organisation’s CRM and Finance system is an inevitable result of greater information demands placed on systems by users who need to make increasingly high-value decisions in shorter periods of time.

Business Mechanix Services:

  • Integrating existing finance systems and Dynamics CRM
  • Consulting for finance and CRM integration
  • Extending finance system integrations with CRM
  • Providing a web front-end to a finance system in order to expose limited financial information to the wider organisation