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Business Mechanix has developed a specific application to make educational Attendance Management easier in the classroom.  A teacher or lecturer simply needs to login, select the class they are teaching from the classes assigned to them, and up pops the student list for that class.  The application is a touch enabled application which can be run using a mouse or a compatible touch enabled device.  Teachers simply mark off if the student is present or not.  This system is then integrated with a sophisticated Attendance Management back-end which can register if a student has missed more than 2 classes in a row, or has been late.  This then triggers an alert to let student service know they need to follow-up with the student, parent or guardian.

Our Attendance Management solution is easy to use and is powered by world-leading Microsoft technologies.  Its easy to use and also can be integrated with your student or school management system.  Some key features are:- 

  • Attaches classes to teachers/ lecturers
  • Touch enabled for fast attendance marking/ roll marking
  • Design to cater for absent or late students
  • Withdrawn students can also be seen and noted
  • Checks if 10% attendance reached
  • Can be integrated with student management or school management system
  • Configurable alerts based on configurable rules for intervention purposes

Our Experience

Business Mechanix understand education and also understand the constraints educators work within.  Things need to be fast, easy and take ministry rules into consideration.  The attendance management system does this and has a modern, touch enabled interface.

Business Mechanix has implemented the Attendance Management solution at two separate educational institutes and look forward to implementing more in the near future.  If you have Attendance Management requirements, talk to us today about our scalable solution for your school or institute.

About Business Mechanix 

Our range of experience and desire to help our customers move forward with innovative technology services such as our Attendance Management system or simple advice, make Business Mechanix a great choice for your school or institute’s needs.  We can either make the most of what you already have and integrate our Attendance Management system with your Student management and timetabling system or simply implement a whole new Attendance tracking solution. ….Talk to us today about what you are trying to achieve with your Attendance tracking and management and we’d be happy to help.

Business Mechanix Services

  • Planning and design services
  • Attendance Management Software
  • Attendance Management Implementation
  • Project Management of Implementation
  • Integration of systems with Attendance Management Solution such as Student Management ie Artena, Timetabling such as Syllabus plus or other solutions

  • Training of your staff/ up skilling on the Attendance Management Solutions