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Inevitably as organisations grow particularly as they spread across multiple sites ensuring the right people have access to the right areas and items becomes an increasingly complex task. Often it’s left until a serious security breach occurs before management or facilities management audits an reallocates access devices with greater control over who has access to where and what. A spreadsheet or similar is inevitably started to track this information but is often insecure and not maintained. An Access Control and Key Tracking System is a flexible and secure method of issuing and tracking security devices to reduce the risk of theft within an organisation. 

Our Experience:

Business Mechanix has built a stand-alone extension to Dynamics CRM to combat the complexity of building and item security. This has been implemented for several sites throughout Auckland and provides a secure and auditable method of issuing, removing and tracking access control items like swipe tags/cards and keys. The product is configurable to any building and is able to track access to any lockable item like cabinets, service cupboards and offices. The solutions if flexible enough to be able to manage multiple locations, areas, items and people. The solution has been in use for two years and continues to capture valuable security information that was previously unrecorded or left to inaccurate and insecure spreadsheets. 

About Business Mechanix:

Business Mechanix has been working with Dynamics CRM for over ten years and has a real-life understanding of the complexities and difficulties facing New Zealand businesses today. Our Access Control and Key Tracking System is a prime example of a well-constructed functional and easily implemented solution to a previously inadequate and laborious problem. 

Our Services:

  • Auditing access control and key management across multiple sites
  • Designing a security structure to capture the complex access needs of an organisation
  • Loading existing access control information into a Dynamics CRM Access Control System
  • Installing an Access Control extension into Dynamics CRM
  • Customising and integrating an Access Control solution with Dynamics CRM to capture the unique access needs of an organisation.