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Business Mechanix offer a range of services for the professional development departments. We have worked with a number of institutes on training including Waiariki Institute of Technology, Eastern Insatiate of Technology and Manukau Institute of Technology, just to name a few. The reason organisations choose Business Mechanix is our ability to deliver content and training courses specially designed for their sector. Because Business Mechanix have the ability to customise, create and deliver training courses which is a perfect option for Business Development Departments. We also have the ability to work with the development teams and provide them with training and well as mentor them through delivering training courses. We are also able to provide specialist high-level technical training courses to subject matter experts that can then go off and teach other staff.  Business Mechanix can design training calendars and help ensure what subjects are being taught will actually benefit the staff. 

Our Experience

Business Mechanix worked AUT University staff to create course and training content for an Outlook, then we were asked to deliver the training. The staff where thoroughly impressed with what we delivered and we managed to get staff to become the trainers and train other staff.

Business Mechanix were be contracted By Microsoft to deliver Business Development courses for a School Cluster in Wellington which included over 5 schools. The schools brought along subject matter experts which learnt about Live@edu (Office 365s predecessor) and using it in the teaching and learning space. They then went back and trained the rest of the staff.

Furthermore, we have provided training for Wintec executives on the new platforms we implemented including Microsoft Dynamics CRM and there Alumni Portal.

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix have been in operation for a number of years, this experience has given us knowledge into a huge range of products as well as industry’s. Our ability to deliver professional development courses specific organisations is what sets up apart. Business Mechanix are able to work well with a range of individuals and can provide expert advice on improving business efficiencies within departments.

Business Mechanix Services

  • Deliver training staff or subject matter experts
  • Write Training Courses
  • Ensure the right courses are being offered
  • Develop annual calendars for the professional development staff
  • Implement solutions to automatically send out emails to staff reminding them of courses