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If you’re unfamiliar with Perl Development you’re unlikely to have ever needed it. Perl is an open source language maintained by a large group of volunteers and has established itself as a common language with which to build and extend solutions within a UNIX or OSX operating system. Our developers use PERL because it’s dynamic, multi-purpose and able to make high-level changes quickly. 

Our Experience

Business Mechanix worked with the University of Waikato where used Perl Development in conjunction with XSLT to extend their Enrolment Application process. The University of Waikato where having huge issues with incomplete enrolment forms. They knew the enrolment form was too long, it wasn’t user friendly and did not capture the right information. Because of this departments like the School of Business weren’t getting the right information and making student fill out another form. Business Mechanix were brought in to help redevelop the front end of the enrolment application website and navigation portion as well as add, modify and remove fields using Perl and the primary language.  As a result it had made the enrolment process easier for the student and has improved the number of students who completed the forms 100% and it has also removed duplicated enrolment information. 

About Business Mechanix:

Business Mechanix has over two years’ experience with PERL Development and continues to utilise the language to manipulate and extend large existing systems quickly. Business Mechanix utilises a range of development languages to manipulate and integrate new and existing systems throughout any environment. Every one of our consultants uses C# and Javascript daily as their bread and butter. These languages are not enough however to equip them to deliver complex solutions across a range of environments. 

Our Services:

  • Perl Training
  • Develop a website using Perl
  • Develop mobile application using Perl
  • Extends websites and other current solutions using Perl (if they have Perl Bindings or Web Services.