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Software and Hardware upgrades are inevitable and often form part of a wider solution to improve productivity or deliver greater value to the business. A good reseller will identify the right software and hardware required, make sure it’s going to be in the country when you need it and ensure the price is competitive. 

Our Experience:

We provide a range of hardware and software options for New Zealand School of Education for upcoming projects and financial planning for future periods. Our responsiveness allows them to complete their planning quicker and provides the assurance that they are getting a competitive price for a product appropriate to their plans. 

About Business Mechanix:

Business Mechanix has been a reseller for over ten years of hardware and software across a range brands and suppliers. We’re good at quickly identifying the right products you’ll need to implement the wider solution and ensuring they’ll be available when they’re needed. There are daily examples of our Software and Hardware experience where large and small organisations seek pricing for their financial planning and recommendations on hardware and software purchases from our Microsoft Certified Technology Professionals.

Our Services:

  • Quoting hardware and software options
  • Providing lead times for products
  • Providing competitive pricing for financial planning
  • Recommending hardware solutions appropriate to your projects
  • Structuring software agreements through volume licensing
  • Recommending software appropriate to the project requirements