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Twentieth century seems to be all about Business Intelligence (BI) and big data, so it is more important than ever before to ensure you use your “big data” effectively by turning it into relevant information that you can use to help make better, smarter business decisions. Business Mechanix are fantastic at handling large amounts of raw data and packaging it in a way that make sense for all levels of staff. We have experienced consultants that can assist you with all aspects of BI from strategies to SQL server installations, configurations and data warehousing.

Most companies and educational institutes are drowning in data, from financial systems, customer data to student management systems. We are finding that more and more companies are data rich and information poor, with all the methodologies, processes and systems available there is you can easily change this and you might be pleasantly surprised just how many Business Intelligence tools you already own. 


Business Mechanix have experience in report writing and business intelligence in both the corporate and education sector. We have experience in custom developing reports for all levels of staff from the CEO, who typically like the high level, broader overview of the organisations to regional and departmental staff who need to see information and data related specially to their region and or department. We did exactly this for the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund Limited. Here we created over 10 Crystal Reports. We have also created and developed reports for Te Whare Wānanga O Awanuiārangi that looked at their programme projections, Equivalent Full Time Students (EFTS) and their finance department to monitor their debtors.

We can custom develop BI tools using infrastructure systems like SQL server to help make sense of all the data. This includes our ability to integrate SQL reporting services which will package up all your data into nice tidy reports to allow you to make better business decisions. We have experience with SQL servers including McKay Electrical, Cyclone computers and of course our own!

We also use analytical applications like Excel/Power Pivot to compare heterogeneous data sources. Business Mechanix can also add SharePoint into create all types of customised dashboards based on the data found in analytical applications. 

Business Mechanix are also able to integrate our world class identity management solutions with your BI tools which ensure that all staff members have appropriate access to reports and information needed. Our identity management experience is one of the best in New Zealand, we have successfully deployed over 1 million identities in some of the biggest institutes including the University of Waikato which has over 80,000 identities. Integrating our identity management solutions is key with any BI implementations as data warehouse permissions must be segmented properly. 

Business Mechanix Reporting Writing and BI Services

  • custom develop reports
  • integrate identity management solutions
  • use analytical applications like Excel/Power Pivot to compare heterogeneous data sources
  • custom develop BI tools using infrastructure systems like SQL
  • custom developing reports for all levels of staff