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When an organisation is investing in a significant project, they want to ensure they are getting the right solution from the right supplier for the right amount of money.  As this can be a rare or one off event for organisations, they enlist help from specialists such as Business Mechanix to ensure they get exactly that.  The process of documenting your requirements, creating the request for proposal and selecting the type of process most appropriate for your organisation through to establishing the evaluation criteria and metrics to ensure the process is fair to all parties and unbiased, is where we can help.  Having helped numerous customers through this process for significant investments and transformational change projects we are well placed to help you organisation find the right solution and help you to get the right price from the right supplier.

Our Experience

The Roskill Masonic Village needed to replace their PABX and nurse call systems with an integrated solution.  Business Mechanix walked them through the requirements gathering and creation of the RFP, evaluation and selection criteria and the selection process ensuring their very specific, compassionate and life depending requirements were met.  The solution was implemented and deemed a great success, so much so that the Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital heard of this success and enlisted Business Mechanix to help them through a similar process. 

About Us

Our range of experience and desire to help our customers move forward with innovative business process change, fantastic web services integration and technology based solutions, make Business Mechanix are a great choice for you next project.  We understand how people work and how to make systems that help them to achieve.  We love to help people find great solutions that really meet their needs so talk to us today about what you are trying to achieve and we’d be happy to help.

Business Mechanix Services:

  • Requirements gathering and specification
  • Request for Proposal creation
  • Request for Proposal process management
  • Proposal evaluation and vendor selection