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One of Business Mechanix better talents lie around the streamlining of business processes. This involves documenting current processes through to recommending improvements and reporting to management.  We have a wealth of business knowledge to draw on from a range of sectors including manufacturing, professional services, local government and the education sector as well as small and medium business. Everyday our team is out and about working on solutions to either drive revenues, create efficiencies or cost reduction, provide more competitive advantage or to simply keep organisations compliant.

From documenting business processes, to technical archicture documentation, to as built systems implementation documentation, to policies and procedures, Business Mechanix has done it all.  We know that documenting a process or procedure highlights inefficiencies and creates opportunities for automation and improvement of processes.  This is where we thrive and helping organisations understand where they are at and what is possible is what we live for. 

Our Experience

Business Mechanix has many examples of our work, some through disruptive technology projects (use technology to drive behaviour and process change) and others are more pure, where we have been called in to simplify and streamline how a specific business function is working and most will involve significant documentation of processes, policies and procedures.  Our work has seen us do many projects in this area in the Tertiary Education Sector, Early Childhood Education, as well as local government, health sectors and manufacturing.  Some of our examples include the following:- 

  • Taking a sail making company from the use of writing down customer orders and follow-ups on whiteboards to a fully automated customer service process and system integrated with email and calendar
  • Streamlining of Enquiry and Student Recruitment processes for Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi including business process standardisation and implementation of an Enquiry Management solution
  • Creation of a mobile device/ linked in style relationship management solution for Wintec Executive Management
  • Creation of a new process to work together to manage risk and programme management for Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi
  • Creating policies and procedures to implement BYOD into Wintec for their staff to purchase and use their own laptops rather than the institution supplied computers
  • Creation of a new process for customer service for AUT’s ARION solution division including recruitment of staff and changing/ creation of new positions
  • Re-working of Student Labs for NZSE to work with a Cloud Service, rather than on physical desktops
  • Implementation of new Sales and Marketing processes for Zeacom for global campaigning and mentoring team on adaption of these new processes 

About Business Mechanix 

Our range of experience and desire to help our customers move forward with innovative business process re-engineering, people change or fantastic technology services or simple advice, make Business Mechanix are a great choice for you next project or business process you need looked at.  We can either make the most of what you already have or suggest new processes and strategies that will give you efficiency gains or meet your key objectives and give you a good return on investment.  We can also integrate almost any system together and love getting our hands dirty with the sometimes daunting older or technologies you have in use. We may even surprise you to leverage more out of what you have existing through integration and technology, or if you’ve simply had enough- we can replace or supplement your processes for you and align this with systems replacement projects- creating a different method of process re-engineering.  We look forward to discussing with you what you are trying to achieve and we’d be happy to help. 

Business Mechanix Services

  • Consulting
  • Business Process Mapping and documentation of existing state
  • Workshop facilitation to draw out issues and review current state
  • Design of new processes in conjunction with your team
  • Disruptive technology projects – use technology to drive cultural change/ process change
  • Planning and Design Services for process change
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • System replacement
  • Temporary Management roles for new positions as a result of process change (caretaking)
  • Recruitment of new roles in conjunction with business process re-engineering
  • Quality Assurance for business processes you’d simply like us to check or review
  • Technology solution delivery – nearly all types of technology services
  • Training of your teams/ up skilling on new processes
  • Resource Placements/ extra support for business process change projects
  • Advisory and on-going support and advice for business processes you’d like to change or review