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When developing any application or product it is vital that it not only looks good but it works from a functional point of view for the end customer. Business Mechanix have worked directly with a number of companies to design and deliver mobile applications, Alumni Portals, Student, Portals, and Password Changing Portals.

Having the ability to work from both the business and technical side makes us a number one choice for many companies. It means that Business Mechanix understands the needs for the end user but also knows the limitations in technology and how to work around those limited to produce a design report that we know will work for your company.

Our Experience

Business Mechanix have delivered a number of design reports including one for a top recruitment company. This design included a detailed report for a windows 8 application. The report included information gathered from the number of meetings we had with management, consultants and other staff members. We went onsite to talk to staff one on one to find out their current process, how they felt about it and what their ideal new application would look and feel like. Business Mechanix completed a thorough investigation around there current process which helped us to design an application that would truly work best for the consultants and job candidates. We also investigated current mobile devices available, gave them option of three device options as well as five design options and presented back to their team. Three of the design options included a graphic elements to show management what the application may look like. Business Mechanix really believe that it is about providing organisations with all the facts so we also provided them with the reasons for and each application so they could make an informed decision.

Our experience is not only limited to design functionality but also graphic design. If you are after information about our graphic design services and experience click here …..

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix has a passion for designing applications and the like that help improve business efficiencies. Our design work is thorough and often amazes our clients with the amount of detail and options we provide them. Our ability to really listen, understand and turn that into an application the end users loves is what makes us stand out from the crowd.


Business Mechanix Services:

  • Deliver a design and functionality report for a new application or software
  • Provide Project Management Resources