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Business Mechanix are the largest cloud deployer of Microsoft cloud technology in New Zealand, with over 1 million seats deployed with this wealth of experience you could say we are experts at cloud computing! We have deployed customers onto Microsoft CRM Online into USA and Asia, Microsoft Office 365 into USA and Singapore, Amazon into USA and Australia, Microsoft Azure into USA and Asia. We have deployed large scale customers into the cloud such as Wintec, MIT, Coca-Cola, a Global pharmaceutical company and more.

Global companies like Microsoft and Amazon are beginning to invest millions of dollars in huge data centres which means there is no longer the need to have physical servers at your business or institute. By 2020 75% of software is estimated to be in the cloud so moving to the cloud is inevitable but it is important for all businesses and tertiaries to have a cloud strategy that works for you. Creating a strategy to move to ensure your move to the cloud is done safely and securely is where we come in!

Our Experience

Business Mechanix are the experts when it comes to the implementation and integration of cloud services. A whopping 80 Million People use Microsoft Cloud Services such as Office365, and Live@edu. We have implemented over 75% of Live@edu accounts and we have recently deployed over 150,000 users onto the Microsoft cloud Platform Office 365 in just the start of 2013. One our clients includes Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT). We provisioned over 60,000 users onto Office 365 for them one of the largest deployments in the country. Other implementations include

  • Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT)
  • Waiariki Institute of Technology
  • Western Institute of Technology

We are also working with a number of other Businesses, Universities, Wananga’s and Polytechnic’s to move them onto cloud platforms in the near future.

25% of USA Tertiary Campuses participating in 2012 Campus Computing Survey have a cloud computing strategy whilst 50 – 60% said Cloud computing was strategically important. 50% of enterprise customers are on the road to cloud, but more often than not we find most businesses still do not have a cloud strategy, do you have one?

After creating a strategy for Wintec that was in line with their current business process Business Mechanix implemented a plan which helped eliminate costs including maintenance for servers that are no longer required.

We have also implemented a mobile relationship management application that was based in the cloud and the feedback provided by staff has been that it has changed the way they operate. The maintenance of their relationships and processes has become faster, easier and more efficient. Wintec are now at the forefront of cloud solutions in the tertiary sector thanks to Business Mechanix!

What People Are Saying About Us

“They are very knowledgeable and carried the project all the way through. They helped us with migration of ILM 2007 to FIM 2010, also with implementation of PCNS. They were very accurate and professional” Klim Belchev, IT Systems Engineer – MIT

“It was really fast - the system was ready for us to test in less than nine weeks, and they did a really great job capturing our needs” Lisa Pemberton, Chief Executive for Wintec Circle - Wintec

Business Mechanix Services

  • Develop and customise a cloud computing or cloud knitting strategy
  • Business Mechanix can assist you with geographic and data centre location strategies
  • Evaluate your current cloud strategy
  • Build cloud solutions
  • Integrate cloud solutions with other clouds or on-premise solutions
  • Develop single sign on and portals for the cloud
  • Integrate identity management solutions with the cloud
  • Migrate/upgrade your servers into the cloud
  • Train staff on how to move your servers to the cloud
  • Project manage your cloud strategy
  • Provide ongoing support and maintenance for your cloud platforms