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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is topical but frequently misunderstood. BYOD allows and encourages staff within organisations to bring and use their own devices in the workplace securely. Staff today often have multiple devices that are increasingly mobile and capable. Their personal devices are usually of a higher standard and specification than workplace devices supplied. As a result business leaders moving to BYOD models because they recognise that it is about being more accessible and accommodating to the needs of their staff and they see it as a great way to bring down cost and increase efficiency and productivity. People are talking about BYOD everywhere from large corporates to education providers.

Business Mechanix are experts at delivering BYOD strategies, we have successfully adopted BYOD internally and have also provided strategies to New Zealand Education Providers.  Business Mechanix understands that BYOD needs to be treating uniquely for every organisation. Business Mechanix have found some businesses are making it easier for staff bring in their own devices by subsidising the cost of purchasing their own device to use, or provided month subsiding which for Business Mechanix has saved us thousands and provided more flexibility to our staff, whatever your business requires we can help make your BYOD dream become a reality. 

Our Experience

Business Mechanix has provided strategic advice around BYOD one of New Zealand’s largest Early Childhood providers, KinderCare. Here we had discussions with key KinderCare staff and looked at benefits and limitations around implementing BYOD into their centres. 

Our biggest BYOD project to date was at Wintec, where Business Mechanix helped rolled out a BYOD solution to their hairdressing school and within their IT department. When we rolled it out throughout the IT department there was a 75% uptake because the IT staff wanted a big toy with much more spec than they ever would have received from the institution. Because it was a home/work machine they could justify the spend through usage and received a subsidy for it which they wouldn’t have received for a home machine otherwise.

The hair dressing school staff began using their own laptops as a result it improved their technological abilities which meant they required less support and were better equipped to support their students. When staff were told about the change they jumped at the opportunity and staff have become big advocates for BYOD. As a result of this BYOD solution Wintec expects to save $12 million over 10 years. By teaching staff also helped students buy-in to the BYOD schemes and the student rollout was easier as a result. The institution benefited from greater room utilisation as instead of having a room of PC’s they now were able to have a more flexible room where students BYOD’d. 

Business Mechanix have also implemented a BYOD solution internally, now staff use their personal phones as their work device, which is a first for our innovative company! We decided what’s the point of our staff carrying around two phones when Business Mechanix are paying for one and our staff are paying for one, So we combined the two and know we will be saving money plus our team reap the benefits of more data and more calling time on their phone. As a result of deciding to do BYOD we have had to come up with new processes and internal procedures to meet both our customers’ and our staff’s needs. So now, we truly eat our own dog food when it comes to BYOD. Not only have we have implemented BYOD projects, we do it ourselves. 

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix hold a wealth of IT and management knowledge that comes from years’ of experience within many different industries from blue chip corporates to some of New Zealand’s largest education provider. We have developed a fantastic reputations about be able to really look into a business from the outside in and offer tailored BYOD strategies that work for both the staff and the back pockets of management.  Business Mechanix have the ability and experience to work with all levels of staff from administration to CE’s and executives and deliver solutions that improve your business processes. Our senior consultants are drivers and carry an infectious passion that resonates with a lot of staff.

Business Mechanix Services

  • Develop and deliver BYOD strategies
  • Project management the BYOD implementation
  • Train staff on using their device for work purposes
  • Create change management procedures
  • Investigate and deliver reports on the feasibility of BYOD in your organisation