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Times have changed and project implementations have no need to be lengthy, costly projects supported by folders of design documents, functional and technical specifications that are usually out of date by the time the project commences.

We offer a ‘no bull’ approach and cut right to the chase- we need to deliver value to you in the quickest possible way so you can leverage the spend on your implementation. Our approach is a cheaper, faster and more effective way of achieving buy-in from your business, quicker user adoption and total time to deliver.

We admit, there is a down-side- in this approach, you take on the risk as with agile- there are no detailed design documents, your virtual sign-off happens each week in our delivery workshops…some call it Proto-Typing, we call it B-Agile… here’s how it works…..

Our approach uses a combination of an Agile or ‘proto-typing’ methodology where our team workshops with your team each week for a period of 8-12 weeks to achieve a specific outcome for a specific group or team of people. We believe this style of implementation is better than sending your staff on training as you learn hands on with a real project to work on to achieve an outcome with our experts alongside your team helping you along the way.

This method is far more cost effective than a detailed specification approach with lots of documentation, but also carries more risk as there are less well defined outcomes under an Agile model and only allocated blocks of time which must be carefully managed. We go a certain way to assisting the control of this time by implementing a ‘Change Freeze’ in Week 5 of the project where the team are not allowed to submit any further changes. It also works a little like ‘tough love’ as during testing there are always changes that people want to make to do things even better than they first thought. We recommend that the system is used on go-live as designed in the first 5 weeks of to get the most value of the configuration. We also recommend that your staff are the ones that take on the enhancement work after the project - this way, on-going costs are reduced.

We allow for a Project Manager for the entire duration of this project. This is a vital ingredient to ensure the successful delivery of this project in the timeframes we have specified. The Project Manager will assist in the workshops and also track time to allocated budget and will track the tasks for each week and actions, and our famous ‘team homework’ for members of the team to complete each week.

We love this approach to projects and believe you will too- it means you are constantly seeing our changes on a weekly basis, as we are loading them onto your server every week before the workshop so you are able to look at the changes between workshops too.

If you are tired of ‘run-away project’ with no end date or delivery, try our B-Agile projects- we know you will love them!