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If you’re not familiar with PHP Development you’re unlikely to have needed it. PHP is a development language used for front-end web development. It’s a strong tool for template-based web pages where content is pulled from a data source and deposited at a specific location based on a page template. Like Perl Development it delivers visible results faster through dynamically updating the HTML constructing the page after a change. The slower alternative is to change the code behind a page, compile it and update the page which can be onerous when applying many small changes or changing multiple interdependent parts of a page. Because you always have access to the data source with PHP there’s less of a ‘black box’. 

Our Experience

A recent example of our PHP Development experience involved a tertiary client who had an existing web page that behaved as a control panel allowing users to conduct self-service activities such as adding people to a network shared drive. The page was built in ASP and had been compiled which meant large sections of the page were unable to be edited. Rapid progress was able to be made and a template established to enable replication of the page for future use. 

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix has over 10 years’ experience in PHP Development. We possess a strong understanding of when to use PHP and how it is best applied to the complex scenarios present in a modern business environment. 

Our Services

  • Using PHP to build websites
  • Using PHP or other web services to redesign websites
  • Resource placement for PHP related solutions
  • Providing a front-end to otherwise complex back-end functions and tasks