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The ARION Student Management product is one Business Mechanix knows well after being contracted to run the product development team for nearly 2 years.  Business Mechanix has worked on development of the product on behalf of AUT, through to integration with the product at AUT, UCOL and Wintec. 

Our Experience

Business Mechanix has been involved in the following aspects of ARION:- 

  • Upgrade of ARION to newer SQL Server versions on behalf of AUT
  • Packaging of the ARION product into an installable one using tools such as Installshield on behalf of AUT
  • Building of ARION Roadmaps on behalf of AUT
  • Creation of new Customer Services Process
  • Recruitment of new developers and customer services staff for ARION on behalf of AUT
  • Creation of new release management processes for the ARION product on behalf of AUT
  • Functional changes to the ARION product included:-
    • Progress to completion module design in conjunction with developers
    • Student pathway module
    • Qualifications re-vamp
    • Enquiries module update of the ARION solution
    • SDR enhancement design- working through how calculations were done
    • 10% completion changes to products
    • Updates to allow younger age students to be recorded

Business Mechanix have also performed the following integrations with ARION and other systems:-

  • Integration of ARION and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for UCOL for tracking of Student Enquires, marketing and customer service management and later for student intervention
  • Integration of ARION and Microsoft CRM for Wintecs Alumni Portal to flow Alumni through to Microsoft CRM
  • Integration of AUT’s Smart letter CRM system and ARION for letter generation to applicants.

About Business Mechanix 

Business Mechanix is happy to work with any ARION customer on their reporting, support or integration needs.  We’ve been working with the product since 2005 and have years of experience from the product development side through to integrating it with other systems.  Talk to us today if you need assistance or integration services with ARION. 

Business Mechanix Services

  • Integration of ARION and other systems
  • Report writing on top of ARION – SQL reports
  • Creation of Executive Dashboards on top of ARION
  • Project Management of Upgrades
  • Support