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Media and Advertising is a sector Business Mechanix enjoys to work in, we have large clients in this space and have developed strong relationships with them over a number of years. We have done everything from:

  • Implementing service desk management solutions for Radio and TV engineers
  • Self-service portals for technical support
  • Business development and sales relationship management
  • Contact management
  • Software licensing
  • System integration
  • Business process improvement

Our solutions are use in over 140 radio markets and companies with multiple TV stations.

Our Experience

The solutions we have implemented in the Media and Advertising sector have included MediaWorks, where we provided Radio Engineers who support The Rock, More FM, The Edge and more with a Customer Service (CRM) solution that changed the way they worked forever! We have worked with MediaWorks for over 6 years and have created strong relationships with them. We have provided strategies which has provided better visibility and created more efficiencies internally.

We have worked closely with the RadioWorks engineers where we implemented a CRM system to allow them to

  • better assign jobs to the right people
  • receive emails as well as phone calls from announcers and other staff
  • assign them to cases
  • to manage cases locally or remotely and keep the person who logged the case updated with progress emails as the technician updates information
  • provide management with up to the minute reporting, dashboards and business intelligence related information.

“Our old process was very informal the worst thing was the paper trail didn’t exist and staff were becoming frustrated with our service. Business Mechanix saved the day we found them on the Microsoft Website they were very, very, helpful right from the start. The reason we picked them was because they didn’t have an answer machine when we first called, it went straight through to someone, it was very personal and they are very easy to deal with and they had a lot of great ideas to help us out with. Business Mechanix have always been there for us 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are always happy to help out.” Mike Heard, Technology Support Supervisor, MediaWorks

We have also worked with MediaWorks to create a web portal that services staff in over 140 markets. It allows them to log issues and see the progression of their cases. As a result it has enhanced their business processes and gave the engineers something to smile about because they no longer had to record issues with a pen and paper! Inside the portal Business Mechanix also created a knowledge base.

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix has over 10 years’ experience in developing strategies and implementing solutions that enhance business process and efficiencies. We have a team of experts that are experienced in the Media and Advertising Sector which allows us to provide the ability to leverage today’s technologies in order to help increase productivity and manage the workloads of many in the sector. We understand how important it is to have functional, adaptable and reliable solutions in the ever time pressed, changing industry. Working with Business Mechanix is about partnering with an organisation that you can trust to deliver in sometimes difficult, every changing and trying circumstances. Our team love the challenges that the Media and Advertising sector brings and has a genuine interest in helping the sector grow. We are excited to see where it will go and look forward to working with you sometime soon in the future.

Our Services

  • Business Process Enhancement and Advice
  • CRM and service/sales management
  • Solution Implementation, integration and customisation
  • Develop, design and deliver change management strategies
  • Project management and planning
  • Install, configure and customise solutions
  • Identity Management installing, configuring and integration
  • Staff Professional Development Courses