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If you are in IT, quite simply put Business Mechanix can be your new best friend. Our passionate team of IT Professionals know how to make almost anything technology sing and dance the way it should. We love complex challenges and working alongside you as the customer to solve the problem. Although our propellers spin at times, we are at the end of the day, just like you- real people working in the IT industry. We believe in using technology as an enabler to solve business problems and this is what we are here to do. If you are new to the sector or an area of technology, our team are fantastic trainers and mentors and pride themselves in helping others develop. If you are simply in need of another pair of hands to help uncover you from the mountain of work, we can also assist here. We have a team of consultants skilled in everything from Access Control and Identity to Open Source and Microsoft technologies and development. We work with Cloud solutions and on-premise and our mission is to help make your lives easier.

Our Experience

Business Mechanix have a wealth of experience with older and cutting edge technologies. This ranges from developing an Open Source App using PHP and the Twitter-framework at Manukau Institute of Technology to solve an access control issues with user permissions to implementing infrastructural solutions such as Identity Management with Oracle and SharePoint at the University of Waikato.

Mediaworks think we rock as we helped them implement an IT and Service Desk ticketing solution using Microsoft CRM and have trained and mentored their team so they can code using things like Java Script and HTML.

We’ve also done some amazing things in our earlier times such as creating and running a Coke Vending machine website for Coca-Cola through to implementing Gesture and Voice technologies using Kinect for Windows for Backcare range of motion. 

We’ve even recently worked alongside Hamilton City Council for governance of IT projects such as their Dog tagging system and places like AUT University have us engaged for IT and Business Strategy work.

Whether you need strategy work to development and systems upgrade or implementation work, we are able to help. We even have desktop and network support capability. Our strengths lie in leaving our peers- the IT guys and gals in a better place than when we met you. 

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix has years’ experience in providing IT services to corporate, government, local government, education and medium to large businesses. We pride ourselves in delivering solutions and strategies that will enhance and produce better processes and ROI and like to ensure the IT professionals we work with benefit from our knowledge of working for different organisations on a regular basis. We have a passion for technology that is recognised frequently by technology organisations like Microsoft from the numerous times we have been award nominees. We are known for our clever out of the box thinking and innovative solutions and our ability to simply get the job done. 

Business Mechanix Services

  • IT Strategy Consulting
  • Project Management
  • IT Staff Training and Mentoring
  • IT Resource Placements/ extra support for technology projects
  • Business Technology up-skilling/ professional development
  • Facilitate Workshops
  • Develop business processes for IT implementations
  • Documentation of IT systems
  • Systems Integrations of technologies
  • Development (Open Source- PHP, Commercial- .Net C#, Java Script)
  • Identity Management and Access Control Specialists
  • Architectural Design
  • Project Planning and Design for IT Projects
  • DIY- Adhoc support for IT teams
  • Contracted support for IT Projects
  • Implementation of Microsoft CRM, SharePoint, Portals, Office365, SSO, ADFS
  • Design, customise and implement BI, dashboards, report writing, workflows