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Every company or business needs to produce sales in order to stay alive, but effective sales techniques and solutions is what differentiates companies from being a success or failure. As sales professionals we take pride and celebrate our success in our sales and strong customer relationships. Business Mechanix have a well-earned reputation for our commitment to our customers, understanding the sales process, and creating successful sales techniques, solutions and methodologies that we not only use in-house but use to help make your business more successful in the sales process. It’s about a blended approached of process, dedication, technology and aspiration that makes good companies, great companies.

Our Experience

Our experience with sales professionals has been extensive and we have worked with all types of companies from ICT suppliers, education providers, to call centre solutions, trades and manufacturing companies. 

We have implemented sales strategies and solutions to tertiary institutes including Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi and the New Zealand Management Academies which allows them to see where their student enquiries are coming from and allows the sales team to know exactly all the information needed to complete and follow up the prospective student. 

Business Mechanix have developed mobile applications for companies that allow them to see their call cycles, the accounts and contacts they own and any leads associated to them. The applications allows them to create visits and add any related actions from the outcome of those visits. The account card is comprehensive and meets the needs of the company. It includes addresses, market category, customer type, the top contacts and to-dos and, a list of the last visits. The visit card allows them to enter the customer, the date the start and finish time and other information relevant to the company. The application is easy to use and Business Mechanix provided training and support to the sales department. 

We have also worked with a call centre solutions company, Zeacom where we helped to generate leads that were measureable and made the marketing to sales hand over process more effective which led to the sales and marketing team work more cohesively. As a result sales more than doubled which made it the most successful campaign to day and it created stronger relationships with their current customers. The added bonus for the Zeacom sales team was the ability to generate accurate reports which allows them to get holistic picture of where their leads and pipeline is at.

Business Mechanix have also helped develop a ticketing point of sale solution for Cyclone Computers which allows Cyclone staff to log issues during point of sale. This enables the sales department to get a full 360 view on their customers at any point at time, which is crucial in the sales relationship building process and gives the ability to upsell. We also allowed staff to access their CRM system, externally and on a mobile device, which means even on the road sales people are able to access contact, account and other relevant information of their prospect or customer from anywhere. 

Internally we have a developed a successful sales process and implemented a CRM solution to back and enhance our process. It means everyone can see where prospective sales are at, where they have come from, how many touch points have been made. It also creates a pipeline which enables us to accurately forecast our sales for the month, quarter or year. We have customised the out of the box CRM solution to meet our sales needs and processes, as a result it has centralised information and increased productivity. It has also given visibility and extensive reporting functions to the directors allowing to see where all sales are at, at any given time.  

Our experience tells you that whatever you need a sales strategy, a more effective sales process or a streamlined flexible technology solution or application we are well equipped and experienced to deliver it.

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix has the experience to think outside the square and deliver solutions and strategies that work for your business. Our experience in both the corporate and education sector over the past years proves that our ability to sell, create and, maintain relationships with our customers is successful. Our directors and sales staff have formed strong relationships with our clients that have had a lasting success including MediaWorks, UCOL, Cyclone Computers and Waiariki Institute of Technology. We have been nominated for our solutions using CRM systems that have made the job of sales professional more manageable. 

Business Mechanix Services

  • Consult in sales related strategies
  • Sales campaign Mentoring
  • Staff Training on better sales practises
  • Develop and design a sales strategies
  • Execute a sales campaign
  • Mentor, support and assist with sales activities
  • Report and analysis current marketing and sales campaign and effectiveness
  • Implement and customise solutions specific to sales
  • Facilitate Workshops or training on implemented sales solutions
  • Develop business processes
  • Integrate marketing solutions with other platforms
  • Design, customise and implement dashboards, reports, workflows and queues