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If you are in Finance, you probably have one of the hardest jobs around. We know, as we have staff who have come from finance backgrounds. Balancing and controlling costs yet innovating at the same time can be a challenging mix. With the directors both coming from a CA firm background- Ernst & Young as well as Business Owners, we are able to understand and relate to what you want to achieve and how you want to do it. Always being aware that cost control and revenue generation is paramount to achieve the bottom line is what we all want to see. 

We are able to work with you to identify areas of cost efficiency by automating business processes, reducing head-count through clever use of technology as well as using smart innovative practices to get the gains you want. We have saved our customers millions of dollars through clever strategies, negotiations and technologies. We can leverage existing technologies and processes as well as create new ones. We can show you rapid ROI and how to achieve it.  

Our Experience

Talented, clever and bright consultants will work with you to achieve your goals- whether cost reduction or revenue generation or perhaps Risk Management and compliance. Here are some of the examples of work we have done with CFO’s to Finance Managers:- 

  • Business Process Re-Engineering for Te Whare Wānanga O Awanuiārangi in regards to streamlining of customer enquiry and enrolment processes
  • Business Process Streamlining Design for OCG Recruiting
  • Implementation of Business Intelligence Reporting tools for New Zealand Venture Investment Fund
  • Establishment of Hamilton Fiber Network Project with Hamilton City Council
  • IT Review for Waipa District Council
  • Shared Services Modelling/ Negotiations for Wintec and Western Institute of Technology
  • Leasing / BYOD Modelling for Wintec
  • Implementation of Risk and Project Management Governance Tools and Processes for Te Whare Wānanga O Awanuiāangi
  • Outsourced contract negotiations (on behalf) Wintec
  • Creation of EFTS and Budget Forecast Analysis reports for CFO for Te Whare Wānanga O Awanuiōrangi

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix has been working with Finance Officers since 2000, with blue-chip backgrounds from companies such as Ernst and Young through to Tower Insurance we understand cost efficiency, clever strategies and process efficiencies that can save you money and put you in a less risky position moving forward. If you need management reporting written- we have a clever team of report writers who can create reports and dashboards and collate data from your split systems and present it in a single view. If its strategies you need, or systems automation, we also understand ROI and can help understand your budgets and what may work for you.

Best known for clever, innovative strategies and our ability to take a look at things from the ‘outside in’ we can work with you to achieve your goals. Whether you want us for advice, to restructure your teams or to negotiate better contracts for you, we are able to provide this service Business Mechanix is able to provide this service.  Business Mechanix is able to assist you to make your job in management that bit easier.


Business Mechanix Services

  • Business Intelligence and Report Definition and Writing Services for Management teams
  • Outsource negotiations
  • Shared Services
  • Cost efficiency identification and minimisation
  • IT reviews
  • Temporary Team management Roles
  • Management Staff Up skilling and Mentoring
  • Management Resource Placements/ extra support for projects
  • Change Management
  • Re-structures
  • Outsourcing- management/ strategy and implementation
  • Share Services Agreements
  • Contract Negations
  • Facilitation of Workshops
  • Development of business processes
  • Revenue Generation strategy’s/  identification and implementation
  • Contracted support for Projects
  • IT Strategies & governance