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As business owners ourselves, we get it. It’s hard to juggle sometimes conflicting priorities on a day to day basis and get to the end of the day achieving what you set out to. As business owners, we have worked with many other business owners making things easier and challenging thought processes around approaches that may no longer be working. Everyone needs some sort of mentor, with Business Mechanix, we are able to offer objective, straight-up advice and follow-through with implementation of ideas in conjunction with you.  

We understand how important it is to control costs and to drive revenue and mitigate risks. Business Mechanix are able to simply offer advice through to implementing clever new processes and systems to help your business grow and save costs. Our specialties are working in the area of lead generation, sales and marketing and on the flip side, eliminating waste and driving cost efficiencies through automation of processes and implementation of cost effective technologies. It may be as simple as up skilling your team on the use of mobile devices to simply spending 1 hour a month having us consult to you. Solutions start at $180 + GST- and it could make all the difference to your business. We even do lead generation campaigns and are experts and bringing new business opportunities to you to then convert as a sale. If you are a business owner and are looking for strategies in the areas of sales, marketing, partnerships, outsourcing, IT or governance, you’ve come to the right place! 

Our Experience

Business Mechanix have a wealth of experience dealing with business owners. From being that external voice and providing advice through to implementing solutions to improve efficiencies. A selection of examples of what we have done for Business Owners:-

  • CRM Solution for LIA Trust/ Ramsay Law Owners
  • Cloud Email solution – (Office365) for Pacific Coast Training Institute owners
  • Technology Strategy for Internet Roll-Out and Security for Living and Giving chain owners
  • Technology support and website for EBC Brakes
  • Technology support and website for High-tech Brake & Clutch
  • Website development – Omaha Blueberries
  • E-Store for The Kitchen Shop
  • Website/ IT Advice/ Email Hosting- for Sawmill Café owners
  • Systems support – Desktop, Network and Server for Campenella Confectionary owners
  • Systems support – Desktop, Network and Server for Oshawa Training owners
  • Advice and Implementation of Security System for Supreme Meats owner
  • IT support – business hours and after hours for Xelocity Consulting owners
  • Sales and marketing CRM solution for Excell Realty owner
  • Technology support and website for Exotech Consulting
  • Development of Patient Management solution for SCOPE software owners
  • Development of solution for Car Importers- MotorOne
  • Board Member/ Advisory Consulting- MEC
  • Website and Email hosting- Sportz Exchange
  • IT Support/ backup management for Segorua owners
  • IT Advice- Hudson Gavin Martin Owners
  • Desktop, Server and Network Support for McKay Electrical – NZ and offshore 

About Business Mechanix

Business Mechanix was founded on the belief we could help businesses succeed. Taking the corporate backgrounds and knowledge of things like bulk buying power, clever negotiations and solutions that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Also understanding that sometimes you have to spend money to save more money is worthwhile. We have your best interests at heart and genuinely want to be by your side to help. If you're a business owner and would like help with any of the following below, please contact us today. 

Business Mechanix Services

  • Business Strategy Consulting
  • Management Staff Up skilling and Mentoring
  • IT Strategies, governance and resource placement roles
  • Technology Support
  • Cost efficiencies – identification and implementation
  • Revenue Generation- lead generation campaigns
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Governance- board members/ advisory